National Publication Honors Greenville, SC Lawyer

Super Lawyers, one of the most prestigious peer-rated publications in the legal industry, designated Robert Jones, the principal attorney at Bobby Jones Law, as a Top-Rated Medical Malpractice Attorney in the Greenville, South Carolina region.

“This prestigious award is not just for me, but for every member of our professional team at Bobby Jones Law,” Mr. Jones remarked. “Our passion fuels our purpose. When doctors abuse their trust and get careless, we hold them responsible for the mistakes they make, because that’s the way we believe we all should live,” he added.

Jones, who is a five-time Rising Star among South Carolina attorneys, focuses on medical negligence and general personal injury claims.

What Does a Medical Malpractice Attorney Do?

“Medical malpractice” is a broad umbrella terms which includes a number of physician errors. But this phrase is not quite as broad as some people believe it is. A poor surgical result or a medical mistake could be, but is not necessarily, negligent. Some common examples include:

  • Misdiagnosis: Doctors make serious diagnosis errors in about 20 percent of their cases. Usually, the error must adversely affect patient health. Cancer is a good example. Survival usually depends on a prompt and proper diagnosis. A letdown in either area could have tragic consequences for victims and their loved ones.
  • Surgical Errors: As mentioned, a mistake like showing up late might not be negligent. But if the mistake demonstrates a lack of care, that’s a different story. For example, in a busy hospital, mistakes like performing surgery on the wrong body part are not unusual. On a related note, supporting doctors, like anesthesiologists, often make mistakes which compromise patient health.
  • Birth Injuries: Very few things transform sheer joy into sheer tragedy as quickly and completely as a serious birth injury. SD (Shoulder Dystocia) is one of the most common causes of birth injuries. If the baby is too large to drift down the mother’s birth canal, a catastrophic brain injury is only about five minutes away. Therefore, many doctors get desperate in these situations, and like the rest of us, they often make poor decisions in this environment.

Because medical negligence cases are so complex, it’s important for a Greenville medical malpractice attorney to quickly evaluate your case. You never know how much compensation you might be entitled to until you ask. Victims need this compensation to deal with the lifelong consequences of a serious medical mistake.

About Super Lawyers and Rising Stars

Some attorney awards are not very discriminating. But these two are much different. Only the top 5 percent of a state’s lawyers may be designated as Super Lawyers. To be a Rising Star, an attorney must be under 40 with at least a decade of practice experience. Even then, only 2.5 percent of the qualified applicants receive this designation. An independent blue-ribbon panel of experienced attorneys decides who makes the cut.

About Robert W. Jones

Bobby’s parents, a criminal defense lawyer and special education instructor, taught him to use his skills to help people whenever possible. He obtained an undergraduate degree from Clemson University (2006) and a law degree from the WMU-Cooley School of Law. 

Since 2010, Bobby has helped his clients obtain over $40 million for their injuries.. His active memberships include the Greenville County Bar Association, American Bar Association, and South Carolina Association for Justice. Bobby and his family live in Greenville.

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