Workers’ Comp Mileage Reimbursement in South Carolina

An often overlooked area of workers’ compensation is mileage for travel to medical appointments. You must attend medical appointments to receive your benefits. Your employer gets to pick who your care provider is and where you must go for your treatment. It’s only fair that they bear the expense of your travel.

Does Workers’ Comp Reimburse Travel Mileage in South Carolina?

Workers’ comp pays mileage in South Carolina for travel to medical appointments. If the distance to the medical treatment location is more than five miles from the worker’s home, the injured worker may seek reimbursement.

In the South Carolina workers’ comp system, injured workers have the right to mileage reimbursement for medical care. The worker is paid by the employer’s insurance at rates set by state regulations. The worker must calculate the appropriate reimbursement and submit a request to the insurer for payment.

How much does workers’ comp pay for mileage in South Carolina?

As of January 1, 2023, South Carolina workers’ comp pays 65.5 cents per mile for travel to medical care. In addition to having the care provided cost-free, the person may submit for reimbursement of travel to care. The rate is regularly updated by state regulations.

What travel reimbursement is paid for South Carolina workers’ comp medical care?

Travel reimbursement is paid for South Carolina workers’ comp medical care as follows:

  1. Mileage for actual travel to the appointment is reimbursed at the state employee mileage reimbursement rate.
  2. Public transportation expenses, at the actual cost.
  3. Overnight lodging and food expenses, if reasonable and necessary.

Mileage is paid if the appointment is five or more miles from the injured person’s home or a 10-mile round trip. If the person uses public transportation to go to the appointment, the actual cost may be reimbursed even if the trip is less than five miles.

What is the law for South Carolina workers’ comp medical mileage reimbursement?

S.C. Regs § 67-1601 is the regulation requiring workers’ compensation to pay medical mileage reimbursement.

Who pays your medical mileage reimbursement for workers’ compensation in South Carolina?

Your employer’s benefits provider is responsible to pay medical mileage reimbursement for workers’ compensation. To receive reimbursement, you must submit the request directly to the insurer.

What is the S.C. workers’ comp mileage rate for next year?

The SC worker’s comp mileage rate is subject to change. Historically, it is updated every year or two, so be sure to check for updates.

How Do You Get Compensated for Mileage When You’re on Workers’ Comp?

To get compensated for mileage on workers’ comp in South Carolina:

  1. Determine who your employer’s workers’ compensation provider is.
  2. Prepare a request for reimbursement. The insurance provider may have a form you can use.
  3. Include the following information:
  • Your name
  • Your employer
  • Claim number, if known
  • Address of the appointment
  • Your home address
  • Distance to the appointment or proof of public transit costs
  • A note from the doctor that you attended the appointment
  • Proof of lodging and food costs if claiming
  1. Submit your request for reimbursement to the provider.

You can use an online mapping program and input the two addresses to come up with the distance. You can even print out the distance calculation to submit with your request.

What if they won’t pay me mileage reimbursement for workers’ comp medical care?

If the workers’ comp insurer won’t pay your mileage reimbursement, you can request a hearing. You can have a Greenville workers’ compensation attorney assist you.

When is overnight lodging and food paid in workers’ compensation medical care travel?

South Carolina allows reimbursement of overnight lodging and food for medical care travel when it is reasonable. For example, if you have a morning appointment several hours from home, it’s reasonable to stay at a nearby hotel the night before. There’s no exact standard. It’s determined on a case-by-case basis.

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