Delay of Medical Treatment

A large percentage of birth injuries are caused by medical errors made during labor and delivery. The largest percentage of these injuries are attributable to delayed medical treatment. For instance, failing to anticipate the need for and schedule a C-section or negligently delaying an emergency C-section can lead to serious and life-threatening brain injuries.

Bobby Jones is an experienced Greenville, SC birth injury lawyer that has experience representing victims in obstetrical malpractice cases against physicians, hospitals, and other medical professionals.

Monitoring for Fetal Distress

Physicians and other medical professionals are trained to monitor and identify high-risk medical conditions both during the gestation period and during labor. A physician that fails to monitor the fetus and mother is negligent and can be held liable for any birth related injuries that result. Signs of fetal distress often indicate that the fetus is suffering from oxygen deprivation. A reduction in oxygen is referred to as hypoxia. Prolonged oxygen deprivation can cause the fetus to suffer permanent brain damage and even death.

Common Reasons for Performing Emergency C-Sections

Performing an emergency C-Section is typically considered to be the safest and most appropriate medical response when the mother and/or fetus are in distress. Other methods for aiding vaginal delivery, such as the use of forceps or a vacuum extraction pump are more high-risk in that they lead to a greater number of birth injuries.

C-sections can be performed for a broad range of reasons. Some of the most common reasons include:

  • Fetal distress
  • The fetus is in the breech position
  • Issues with the umbilical cord. For example, if the cord is wrapped around the baby’s neck it can result in hypoxia.
  • Issues with the placenta such as abruption
  • The mother has received one or more C-sections in the past
  • The mother has been diagnosed with gestational diabetes
  • The mother is carrying more than one fetus
  • Rupture of the uterine walls

When any of these or other high-risk conditions are present, delaying the performance of a C-section can cause the mother and baby to suffer severe injuries or death. Common birth injuries that can result from a delay in performing a C-section include cerebral palsy, autism, infections, and other forms of permanent brain damage.

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Physicians and other healthcare professionals are trained to recognize and treat signs of distress. Failing to act is negligent and can lead to devasting consequences for your family.

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