Jeff Murphy of Jeff Murphy Law in Tampa, FL

Bobby Jones is a great attorney. I had the privilege of working with him on a South Carolina wrongful death case where we represented a wonderful family. Being a Florida attorney, we needed a South Carolina attorney who was an outstanding trial lawyer and who had a thorough knowledge of South Carolina law. I am so glad we got Bobby involved.

Bobby is smart, hard-working, and is passionate about what he does. He commands the respect of both the opposition and the Court. He does things ethically and the right way. I am very pleased I had the opportunity to work with him to achieve an excellent result for our client. I highly recommend Bobby Jones.

Robert Goings of the Goings Law Firm in Columbia, SC

Bobby knows how to win cases. The level of detail and preparation that he spends on each one of his cases is unmatched. Bobby will fight for you from day one and will not be outworked. He commands the respect of his peers and gets results for his clients.

Krista Johnson | Anderson, SC

You never know when you will need legal help. Four years ago, I had a situation that my mother passed away before her time. I knew that what happen to her was not right but at the time of her death my family and I were in shock. We knew that two weeks before her death she was not leaving us any time soon. She had dementia but that did not stop her physically. A few weeks after my mother’s burial, I begin to think about the events that lead to her death more clearly. I heard about a Law Firm that worked with wrongful death cases. I went there and meet Attorney Bobby Jones. I had never worked with an attorney before and was hesitant. Bobby listened to me and assured me that he would be there for me. Bobby was honest and told me exactly what to expect. He frequently informed me of the details that were transpiring. Bobby did not just call me when he needed information, I was able to call him when I had questions or just needed to talk to him. So, thank you Bobby for guiding and supporting me in this journey. We did get a settlement, but the best part is Bobby let the Truth be known.

Marge Lafferty | Greenville, SC

I met Bobby Jones in 2013, I had been involved in a personal injury accident. I spoke with two attorneys who weren’t eager to take my case. Neither of them seemed to care about me personally nor showed that they would represent me in a professional manner; one actually stated I didn’t have a valid case. An out of state friend referred me to Bobby. Bobby was different, from the first day I met with him he showed a genuine concern for me personally and was straightforward and honest. He always listened to me and told me the important thing was for me to get well. I was never left in the dark; Bobby returned phone calls, he was honest, straightforward and consistently kept me informed as the case progressed. He was very detailed, gathered facts and did research to prepare to represent me. I trusted him because he always respected me as a person opposed to a client because “that’s his job”. I believe all this benefitted our final result. He exceeded my expectations! Because of Bobby I was able to return to the life I had before the accident. I would highly recommend to anyone in need of an attorney with experience, competence, high morals, and the ability to maximize your recovery at the same time keep the costs to a minimal. I thank God for the day I met Bobby Jones!

Shonda Simpkins | Lexington, SC

As a resident of South Carolina our family was hard pressed to find legal counsel with the integrity and courage required to take on a highly political and publicized case involving the death of a child, and what some would deem as a “religion”, High School Football. After driving through a hurricane to attend a consultation with a prominent law firm in Florida, the firm introduced us to Bobby Jones Law Firm, headquartered in Greenville, South Carolina. Bobby Jones, Esq. was a beacon of hope to my family at a time when our options appeared limited and the likelihood of the truth being uncovered seemed nigh on impossible. Not only was he able to defend our Son’s honorable life, his wisdom, calm and empathetic demeanor offered emotional succor to myself and those I care about most. From my first meeting with Mr. Jones, to the close of our case, my unwavering trust and confidence in his counsel remained. My family and I are eternally grateful for his service and I hereby recommend Mr. Jones without reservation, to make history again!

Willie Simpkins | Lexington, SC

When I tragically lost my son, I was not only filled with grief, extreme distress and emotions; I had questions without answers. Silenced by circumstances beyond my control, Attorney Bobby Jones provided the very best in legal representation. With compassion, creativity, endurance and perseverance, he worked strategically to successfully navigate through the legal process with my family’s best interest at the forefront. I will always remember Attorney Bobby Jones as the “Voice” that speaks for justice.

AJ Rodefeld-Durham | Spartanburg, SC

Bobby Jones handled my medical malpractice case. He gave me hope when I had doubts about the injury I suffered. He answered all my questions quickly, and kept us informed every step of the way. He was straightforward and kept us on track, focusing on the task. Because of his professional and effective communication, an agreement was reached and the results are quite satisfactory, more that I had dared hope. I would highly recommend Bobby Jones for any personal injury or other case.