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Daycare abuse attorney Robert “Bobby” Jones of Bobby Jones Law represents families in taking legal action against daycare abuse. Children deserve justice when they are victimized by those who care for them. Call [phone] for a consultation with a Greenville daycare injury attorney about your case.

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Daycare abuse is improper treatment of a child in daycare resulting from intentional harm or negligence.

Children who attend daycare have the right to be safe. When abuse occurs, a child may suffer significant physical and mental harm. They may have the right to receive financial compensation.

An attorney for daycare abuse in Greenville, SC can represent the interests of your child. At Bobby Jones Law, we believe that every child deserves compassionate and dedicated legal representation when abuse may have occurred. Our law firm can investigate what occurred and protect your child’s rights through legal action. We will work to hold abusers accountable and pursue the justice that your child deserves.

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Types of Daycare Abuse

Daycare abuse may include:

  • Hitting, slapping, kicking, pushing
  • Striking with an object
  • Dropping from an elevated height
  • Emotional abuse, belittling, taunting, threatening
  • Neglect, unsanitary conditions, inadequate food and water
  • Exposure to sharp objects and environmental dangers
  • Sexual assault
  • Repeated loud noises

Daycare abuse can be physical, sexual, and emotional.

Recognizing the signs of abuse

Of course, a young child in a daycare cannot explain that they are being abused. As a parent or guardian, it’s important to identify the warning signs of abuse. Signs of daycare abuse may include:

  • Anxiety about going to daycare
  • Unexplained injuries including cuts and bruises
  • Being hungry or thirsty at pickup time
  • Lack of diaper changes
  • Acting out or sudden changes in behavior or demeanor
  • Sexual behavior that is unusual or not age appropriate
  • Crying, regressive behavior, bed wetting, incontinence
  • Urinary tract infection, injury or redness in the genital areas
  • Poor sleep, nightmares
  • Not wanting to be alone
  • Emotional withdraw

If you have concerns about signs of abuse in a child attending daycare, you may contact Child Protective Services, file a complaint, contact law enforcement, report your concerns to the daycare facility, and contact a lawyer. As soon as you contact Bobby Jones Law, we will assist in investigating what has occurred and documenting evidence of abuse.

Grounds for Daycare Abuse Compensation

Some of the ways a daycare may be legally liable for abuse are:

  • Hiring an unqualified worker, including a worker with an abuse history
  • Inadequate staffing, failing to train workers
  • Allowing hazardous objects to be in an area where children can access them
  • Not addressing specific dietary requirements or allergies of a child
  • Failing to have appropriate resources to adequately care for children
  • Lack of sanitation, toxic materials
  • Poor monitoring systems for workers and their interactions with children
  • A culture of abuse, failing to respond to reports of concern
  • Failing to protect a child from another child who may pose a danger
  • Inadequate response to previous issues and inadequacies

A daycare may be liable for failing to take reasonable steps to prevent abuse and other forms of negligence. Determining liability requires a review of the underlying causes of the harm and the actions of the facility leading up to the child’s injury.

Proving daycare injuries

To prove your case for compensation, we show how the daycare is responsible for harm because of negligence, recklessness, or intentional conduct.

We rely on medical documentation of injuries and expert medical professionals to explain how abuse caused injury to a child. We speak with witnesses, including soliciting testimony from those who may not be truthful or forthcoming. Photographs, tangible evidence, and forensic testing can provide additional evidence to prove how the child was harmed.

A claim for compensation may seek financial compensation and non-economic damages.

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