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If you have suffered an injury from a car accident, truck accident, or even a motorcycle accident, Bobby Jones Law may be able to assist you in receiving some form of financial compensation. We are here to help you and our wealth of legal experience is at your disposal.

Attorney for Car Accident Victims in Greenville

The statistics regarding car accidents are alarming: there are as many as six million car accidents in the United States each year, resulting in 90 deaths per day and three million injuries a year. Even though using a seat belt reduces the risk of death in a car accident by 45 percent, one in seven people do not buckle up when they drive. Impairment, exceeding the speed limit, and driving carelessly or recklessly are the primary causes of car accidents.

Find the Right Greenville Car Accident Lawyer for You

If you’ve been injured in a car accident that was caused by someone else’s negligence, seeking professional legal counsel is likely to play a critical role in your ability to obtain the compensation to which you are entitled – and that you will need on your journey toward recovery. In Greenville, the experienced car accident lawyers at Bobby Jones Law, LLC, dedicate their practice to helping clients like you prevail with compensation that covers their complete physical, financial, and emotional damages. Bobby Jones has the experience, legal skills, and resources you’re looking for.


When you need a car accident lawyer, you’re looking for experience, and Bobby Jones has more than a decade of impressive experience protecting the legal rights of car accident victims – in dedicated pursuit of their claims’ optimal outcomes. When it comes to car accident claims, there is no substitute for experience, and Bobby is proud to offer his wealth of experience successfully guiding car accident claims toward beneficial resolutions to you.

Legal Skill

What makes a great car accident lawyer? Legal skill. In addition to experience, you are looking for a lawyer with the legal skill to construct your most substantial claim, to negotiate a settlement that supports your best interests deftly, and to be well prepared to head to court if it comes to that. Bobby Jones is a seasoned trial lawyer who does not shy away from going to trial when the insurance company involved chooses not to negotiate fair settlement terms in good faith. Many insurance companies are better prepared to negotiate when they recognize you have a skilled litigator on your side. Mr. Jones has recovered millions for his clients in settlements throughout his impressive legal career.


It is challenging to bring your strongest claim without the resources necessary to do so, and at Bobby Jones Law, we have the resources you are looking for. Complicated car accidents often require all the following (and it takes resources to obtain them):

  • Extensive investigative efforts focused on obtaining all relevant evidence
  • Accident reconstructions that allow you to skillfully support your claim with clear evidentiary information that can be difficult to refute
  • Expert testimony that helps solidify your claim and refute any doubts conjured up by the insurance company

Your Car Accident Claim: What to Expect

You’ve been injured by another driver’s negligence, and the path forward is challenging. Knowing what to expect, however, can help. While your claim will be unique to your situation, most car accident claims follow a basic path forward, including:

  • Consulting with an experienced car accident lawyer
  • Gathering all relevant evidence
  • Establishing the other driver’s fault in the matter
  • Negotiating with the insurance company for the compensation to which you are entitled
  • Preparing to move forward toward trial if fair negotiations stall

What to Expect When Meeting Your Lawyer in Greenville

If you’ve been injured in a car accident, you may be feeling at your most vulnerable, but you need professional legal guidance. Many people find the experience of contacting a lawyer daunting because they aren’t sure what questions to ask or what they need to do in general. You shouldn’t let this dissuade you from setting up an appointment. In truth, your lawyer works for you, and he or she is there to help you make the right decisions for you. Toward this end, you can expect the lawyer to engage in all the following:

  • Asking you questions about the accident, your injuries, and how they’ve affected your life
  • Helping you better understand what you can expect moving forward in terms of your car accident claim
  • Helping you understand what steps you can take to protect your car accident claim while it processes
  • Beginning initial strategizing for your claim (how best to proceed)

If you feel comfortable working with the car accident lawyer with whom you consult, and he or she inspires your confidence, you’ve likely found a lawyer who is a good fit for you, and it’s time to begin the claims process.

Your Damages in a Car Accident

The damages (or losses) you incur as a result of being injured in a car accident caused by someone else’s negligence can add up quickly. In addition to property damage to your vehicle, the damages for which you can seek compensation include:

  • Your medical expenses, which – if your injuries are severe – may be ongoing and may need to address secondary health issues
  • Your lost earnings, which can include an overall decrease in your ability to earn into the future
  • Your physical and emotional pain and suffering, which can be one of the more challenging obstacles you’ll need to overcome

Ensuring that your complete damages are well represented in your car accident claim will be vital to your ability to obtain just compensation and to fully regain your health and well-being as a result. This is a critical task best left in the capable hands of your accomplished car accident lawyer.

Common Types of Car Accidents in Greenville

Rear-end collisions

Rear-end collisions are one of the most common types of car accidents. Americans are avid tailgaters—and also happen to be chronically distracted, whether from using a phone, eating, changing radio stations, focusing on the GPS, daydreaming, or other passengers. Rear-end collisions are not typically fatal and generally occur in heavy start and stop traffic situations. That being said, rear-end collisions can result in significant, long-lasting injuries.

A side-impact collision

Side-impact collisions, also known as T-bone accidents, occur when one car hits another on one side or the other. Side-impact accidents often occur in intersections and can cause significant damage to the vehicle involved and result in significant injuries to the passengers, particularly those on the side which was struck.

Head-on collisions

Head-on collisions are among the deadliest type of auto accidents and can occur when two vehicles collide, front-to-front, or when one car strikes a tree, animal, or another stationary object. When snow, rain, ice, fog, or other inclement weather exists in Greenville, or in cases where one driver is impaired, a head-on collision can occur. Head-on collisions are more likely to cause death or severe injury than any other type of car accident.

Multi-vehicle collisions

Multi-vehicle collisions are those which involve at least three cars and often occur on busy freeways and highways like I-85 and I-385. Multi-vehicle car accidents are extremely dangerous and, like head-on collisions, are more likely to cause death or serious injury. Multi-vehicle accidents are becoming more common across the United States—most likely due to increased traffic and congested highways.

Typical Injuries Sustained in a Car Accident

Some car accident injuries can resolve within a matter of days with no medical treatment at all. In contrast, more severe injuries can cause long-term or permanent injuries, including partial or total disability. Some factors which impact the severity of the injuries sustained include whether the person was wearing a seat belt, where the car was struck (front, rear, or side), the speed the car or cars were traveling at the time of the impact, whether the car had airbags, and which direction the victim was facing (straight ahead, or the body and/or head turned in another direction).

Impact injuries are those resulting when a body part hits a car part—such as the knee striking the dashboard.

Penetrating injuries are cuts and abrasions caused by shattering glass or loose objects which fly through the air at the time of impact.

A whiplash injury is most likely to occur when a person is struck from the rear, while the more severe head, chest, and spinal cord injuries can occur in high-speed, side-collision, or head-on collision.

Dealing with Insurance Following a Car Accident in Greenville

Insurance companies are well-known for being difficult to deal with following a car accident. After all, despite the insurance commercials we commonly see, the goal of insurance companies is to pay out as little as possible, thereby increasing their annual financial bottom line. While the right decision to make following your South Carolina car accident is to contact an experienced car injury lawyer, in the interim, it is important that you do not give your insurance company a recorded statement (these statements are often used later to minimize your recovery), and that you not accept the first offer from the insurance company.

Often insurance companies will offer a low settlement amount very soon after the accident, and just as often, victims of a car accident accept this offer, thinking they will not get a better one. Unfortunately, the injuries from the accident turn out to be considerably worse than initially thought, leaving the victim to pay medical expenses related to the accident out of their own pocket.

Common Tactics Employed by Car Insurance Companies

As established, the insurance company is not on your side, and an early settlement offer is not likely to be in your best interest. Still, there are other common tactics that insurance companies like to turn to in their efforts to keep their settlements low and their profits high.

Auto insurance claim denial

Sometimes, insurance companies will simply deny valid claims out of hand. The idea is to offload any claimants who are too discouraged to keep fighting. Don’t be fooled by the insurance company’s bravado. Simply denying your claim does not negate it – only the court can do that. If your experienced car accident lawyer believes you have a strong claim, the court can decide the rest.

Casting doubt

The insurance company may attempt to cast doubt on your claim by denying the extent of your injuries and/or by denying their policyholder’s fault in the matter. While this may scare some claimants off, you shouldn’t let it affect you. The extent of your damages is not difficult to prove (via medical records and medical bills), and the evidence gathered at the scene will help your car accident lawyer establish fault in your claim. It’s important to note that, in South Carolina, even if you are deemed to share fault in the accident that leaves you injured, you will not be denied the right to seek compensation for the percentage of damages the other driver is responsible for (as long as you, yourself, are not responsible for more than 50 percent).

Complicating the claims process

Car accident claims are complicated and lengthy in general. If the insurance company takes it upon itself to complicate the process, it can discourage even the heartiest claimants. The best path forward is sticking to your guns and doing what it takes to ensure that you are justly compensated. It’s worth pointing out that the law takes a dim view of insurance companies that get up to these types of tactics (and there are specific laws against these practices).

What You Can Do to Protect Your Car Accident Claim

Again, your car accident claim will be unique to your situation, but there are several steps that all car accident victims in Greenville can take to help protect their claims (as applicable and in accordance with your ability at the time). These include the following:

  • Pull your car as far out of the line of traffic as you can
  • Call 911
  • Render aid if someone is injured at the scene and you are able to provide assistance
  • Wait for the authorities to arrive
  • Accept the medical attention you need at the scene, and if none is offered, obtain the medical attention you need as soon as possible after you leave the scene
  • Keep your comments about the car accident to yourself (the insurance company can twist your words for their gain)
  • if the police ask you direct questions about the accident, answer them to the best of your ability (as succinctly and honestly as possible)
  • Collect evidence at the scene in the form of as many pictures from as many angles and perspectives as you can manage and in the form of eyewitness testimonies (including contact information)
  • Write out your recollections about how the accident happened in as much detail as you can (capturing your memories in this way can keep them fresh and can prove to be a valuable tool in your car accident claim)
  • Consult with a dedicated car accident lawyer as soon after the accident as you are able
  • Carefully follow your medical team’s advice and instructions – in service of your health and to help demonstrate that you take your injuries as seriously as the car insurance company needs to take them

When you need a Greenville car accident lawyer, Bobby Jones Law is here to represent you. Robert “Bobby” Jones is a dedicated advocate for the Greenville community, having recovered millions of dollars in settlements and judgments for his clients.

If you’ve been in a car accident, don’t wonder what your case is worth. Let our team represent you throughout the compensation process. Contact us at (864) 432-1747 to begin today.

Car Accident Lawyers Near Greenville

Our car accident lawyers represent clients in Greenville and the surrounding areas. We aim to offer complete representation – everything that you need to reach the right result in your case. We represent your interests from your first case consultation to the day that you have compensation in your hands.

Services that our lawyers may provide during a case are:

  • Case evaluation and consultation – Know what your case is worth and get answers to your questions
  • Legal document preparation – We efficiently and expertly prepare legal documents and file them in the court with jurisdiction
  • Advising and counsel – Our team identifies what you can do to build the claim, providing guidance and counsel through each task.
  • Medical documents – When your case relies on complex medical evidence, we work to gather the medical proof to advance your claim.
  • Damages evaluation – There is a wide range of damages available to car accident victims; we ensure nothing gets left out of your case
  • Legal advocacy – When it’s time to go to court, we speak on your behalf and represent your interest in court.
  • Settlement negotiations – Knowing what your case is worth, we are skilled negotiators for your settlement.
  • Trial and appeals – Our team is experienced in litigation. We’re eager to tell your story at trial or on appeal until you have justice.

Each case is unique, just like you are. With over a decade of experience representing victims, we have the training and background to get real results for our clients. Call us at (864) 432-1747 to see how we may assist you.

The Basis for a Car Accident Claim?

In South Carolina, the party who causes the accident pays for it. However, it’s not that simple. You must prove who is at fault and what your case is worth. You must respond to any defenses raised in response.

The most common basis for a car accident claim is negligence. The victim can receive compensation from a party that didn’t give appropriate care and attention to their driving, causing an accident. Most claims are not based on intentional conduct. A simple driving error can be the basis for a car accident claim.

Common Causes of Car Accident Liability

The common basis for claiming compensation for a car accident includes:

  • Speeding
  • Drunk driving
  • Improper turn or merging
  • Failing to obey a stop sign or stoplight
  • Road rage
  • Inadequate following distance; failure to stop
  • Driving too fast for conditions
  • Vehicle malfunction and design flaws
  • Improper load, falling objects
  • Disregard for pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorcyclists

Legal liability exists when a driver doesn’t use reasonable precautions while operating a motor vehicle. There are a number of underlying reasons why a driving error occurs – inattention, poor training, fatigue, rushing, and purposefully reckless decisions. A traffic violation is strong evidence of negligence.

How our car accident lawyers can help

It’s the goal of the insurance company to pay as little as possible for a car accident claim. Their representative may seem nice on the phone, but ultimately, they’re not looking out for your best interests. Most people don’t know whether they’re being treated fairly or what to do next. It can lead to settling your case for far too little or not knowing where to begin to start a claim.

At Bobby Jones Law, we believe that everyone deserves justice following a car accident. When a victim doesn’t get the compensation they deserve, they become a victim twice. Our lawyers can ensure that you receive justice.

With years of experience, we know what it takes. You need compensation, and you need it as soon as possible. Our Greenville car accident lawyers know how to balance bringing your claim aggressively and efficiently. We’re familiar with the Greenville courts and the community, and our local knowledge gives you the advantage.

Who May File a Car Accident Claim?

Any of the following parties may bring a car accident claim:

  • Vehicle driver
  • Owner of the vehicle
  • Passengers in the vehicle
  • Bicyclist
  • Pedestrian
  • Motorcyclist
  • Family members when a wrongful death occurs

Who Can a Car Accident Claim Be Against?

Any of the following parties may be a defendant in a car accident claim:

  • The operator of the other vehicle
  • Employer of the at-fault driver
  • Someone who negligently loaned the vehicle to a driver
  • Vehicle manufacturer
  • A third party that obstructs traffic
  • A party responsible for a load being hauled
  • Government entity that maintains the road
  • Government body that operates public transportation

There may be multiple parties named as co-defendants in a car accident case.

Car Accident Lawsuit FAQs

What is a car accident settlement?

A car accident settlement is compensation that a person receives for a car accident claim. It resolves the claim by agreement – there is no trial. Most car accident claims resolve by reaching a settlement.

How do I get a car accident settlement?

To get a car accident settlement, you must assert your rights. You must prove legal liability, causation of the accident, and the compensation you deserve under the law. The other side must be legally liable based on negligence or more serious misconduct.

What’s my car accident claim worth?

A car accident victim may claim financial losses, including economic losses and pain and suffering. The more serious the victim’s losses, the more compensation they deserve. There are many categories of compensation; medical bills are often only a small part of a claim.

How do you get a lawyer for a car accident?

When you hire our car accident lawyers, we start working on your case right away. Contact us and ask to speak to us about your car accident claim. We’ll explain your rights and the legal process. If you choose to hire us, we create a written agreement about our representation. Then we get started right away on your case.

Is it too late to get a lawyer for a car accident?

South Carolina has a three-year time limit for car accident injury claims. But there are some unique circumstances and exceptions. It’s always best to contact us right away. We can do things early on that may make your claim more efficient so you can get your compensation faster.

When should you get a lawyer for a car accident?

There are important things that can be done to preserve evidence. It’s always best to contact a lawyer as soon as possible after a car accident. As soon as you contact us, we take over talking to the insurance company and other parties.

Why Choose Bobby Jones Law?

Bobby Jones Law aims to be a trusted resource for individuals and families in Greenville. Some of the reasons clients choose Bobby Jones Law are:

  • Proven results – more than $40 million collected and single verdicts of more than $1 million
  • Free case evaluations
  • We prioritize your representation and customize your case
  • Resources including an extensive investigation, accident reconstruction, and expert testimony when necessary
  • Technology and case presentation resources to tell your story in a compelling way
  • ABA law firm membership, rated by Super Laws, and membership in the South Carolina Association for Justice
  • Awarded Best Personal Injury Lawyers in Greenville by

A car accident can change your life in an instant. Come get to know us and see why our former clients call us “genuinely caring and professional” and “highly recommended.” Get a free case consultation by calling (864) 432-1747 or message us. We’re with you each step of the way to justice after a car accident.

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