Physicians and medical staff owe the mother and child a duty to provide a reasonable standard of care. Yet birth injuries are often caused by negligence during delivery. A birth injury can have devastating and lifelong consequences for the child and family. Hypoxia is one of the more common types of birth injuries caused by medical malpractice.

Bobby Jones is an experienced Greenville, SC birth injury lawyer that has experience representing victims in hypoxia birth injury cases. If your child suffered an injury during birth, Bobby Jones Law can help you recover the compensation that you deserve.

What is Hypoxia?

Hypoxia occurs when the baby’s brain does not receive enough oxygen. The prolonged loss of oxygen can result in permanent brain damage. Hypoxia can occur for many reasons, including:

  • The umbilical cord wraps around the baby’s neck preventing the flow of oxygen.
  • The umbilical cord becomes restricted during delivery leading to the loss of oxygen.
  • A prolapsed umbilical cord that can result in the baby’s body compressing again the umbilical cord as it passes through the birth canal resulting in the loss of oxygen.

Medical Negligence Resulting in Hypoxia

Medical negligence is a common cause of hypoxia. Some common actions or inactions that can lead to hypoxia include:

  • An undiagnosed medical condition. A physician may fail to monitor and treat a mother’s symptoms or order the appropriate tests leading up to the delivery. This can negatively impact the baby. For example, diabetes can lead to hypoxia during delivery.
  • Delay in ordering a C-section. If a natural birth is not feasible and the baby and/or mother is in distress, the physician must administer a C-section immediately. Failing to order a C-section when dangerous conditions are present can result in the loss of oxygen to the baby’s brain.
  • Failing to monitor the baby. If the baby is not properly monitored before and during delivery, medical staff cannot identify and react when the baby is in distress. This can result in the baby experiencing hypoxia.

Birth injury cases involving hypoxia can be challenging to prove. You must show that the physician failed to provide an adequate level of care that caused the injury to the baby. This often involves gathering and reviewing an extensive amount of documentation as well as retaining medical experts to testify. An Greenville, SC medical malpractice lawyer that has experience representing victims in cases involving hypoxia can help you to recover the compensation that you deserve.

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Hypoxia is a dangerous condition that can have devastating and lifelong consequences for your baby and family. Bobby Jones is a compassionate and highly experienced Greenville, SC birth injury lawyer that represents victims in cases involving hypoxia. Bobby Jones Law serves clients throughout the state of South Carolina with offices conveniently located in Greenville. If you or someone that you know has a child that suffered a birth injury due to hypoxia, contact us today for a FREE consultation to discuss your rights and options.

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