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The following information is for your information only. It’s not legal advice. There are a lot of things that can impact a case, and there may be exceptions to the general rules that we used to make these calculators.

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When to Use This Calculator

When an injured worker has reached maximum medical improvement, but they have permanent impairment to a body part, this calculator may assist in determining the appropriate permanent partial disability award.

Workers’ Compensation Rate & Average Weekly Wage

How much did you work?

How to Use

1. Input your total wages for the past year

    • The 52 weeks immediately preceding the injury
    • Enter the total amount, not the weekly amount (for example, if you made $1,000 per week or $52,000 per year, enter $52,000)
    • If you only worked for the employer part of the year, enter the weeks you worked and the period you worked
    • If you worked multiple jobs, include all your jobs

Tip: There may be situations where this method of calculating wages produces an unfair result. In that case, it may be appropriate to use a comparable rate for the same level of employment in the local community.

To read the law on calculating average weekly wages, see S.C. § 42-1-40.

2. Input your impairment rating

  • Your impairment rating is assigned by your workers’ comp doctor. It’s a percentage value of how much impairment that you have to the injured body part
  • Impairment ratings range from 0-100

Tip: Doctors rely on medical guidelines to determine impairment ratings. The goal is to make ratings consistent between doctors, but there can still be discrepancies and disputes. You may need to get a lawyer involved.

3. Select your body part

  • Choose the injured body part
  • South Carolina Code § 42-9-30 creates a workers’ comp settlement chart for South Carolina, assigning specific weeks of compensation depending on the body part injured.

4. Understanding your results

The South Carolina workers’ compensation settlement calculator will perform the following calculation:

W.C. x I.R. x P.D. = Permanent Partial Disability Benefit

  • W.C. = weekly compensation – 2/3 average weekly wages, with maximums and minimums
  • I.R. = impairment rating
  • P.D. = percentage disability

Tip: There are compensation rate maximums and minimums. Our calculator may adjust your average weekly wages accordingly.

Permanent Partial Disability Calculator

Workers’ Comp Settlement Chart for South Carolina

Here is the chart for S.C. workers’ compensation body part values:

South Carolina Body Part Weekly Compensation Chart

Body Part Number of Weeks
Thumb 65
Finger – index 40
Finger – second 35
Finger – third 25
Finger – fourth 20
First phalange – thumb or finger Half of the specified period for that finger
Two+ phalanges of finger Equal to entire finger, up to loss of hand
Big toe 35
Other toes 10
First phalange – any toe Half of specified period for that toe
Two+ phalanges Equal to loss of entire toe
Hand 85
Arm 200
Shoulder 300
Foot 140
Leg 195
Hip 280
Eye or vision 140
Hearing – one ear 80 + proportional benefits for total or partial loss of hearing
Hearing – two ears 165 + proportional benefits for total or partial loss of hearing
Back – 49% or less 300
Back – 50% or more 500, rebuttable presumption of total and permanent disability
Other member or organ 500
Disfigurement to the face, head, neck, or other area normally exposed in employment Up to 50 weeks

Source: S.C. § Code 42-9-30. Schedule of period of disability and compensation.

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