Pregnancy Testing Errors

During a typical pregnancy, the mother’s and fetus’s health are carefully monitored. OB/GYNs have a duty to perform routine tests throughout the pregnancy. These tests help physicians identify high-risk conditions and take the steps necessary to prepare to safely deliver the baby. If an OB/GYN fails to order the proper tests or misinterprets test results, the mother and/or baby can suffer serious injuries or even death. When an OB/GYN is negligent, he or she can be held liable for the resulting injuries.

As an experienced Greenville, SC birth injury lawyer, Bobby Jones has a proven track record of advocating for victims that suffer harm due to medical testing errors. If you or someone that you know has suffered an injury as a result of a medical testing error, contact Bobby Jones Law to discuss your rights and options.

Common Tests Performed During Pregnancy

Routine tests are conducted throughout the pregnancy to identify potential birth defects such as Down Syndrome or spina bifida, as well as identify high-risk pregnancy conditions. Some common medical tests that are performed include:

  • Ultrasounds. Ultrasounds allow OB/GYNs to identify a range of conditions and monitor overall fetal health. For example, an ultrasound can reveal a birth defect by identifying fluid in the back of the fetus’s neck.
  • hCG. High levels of human chorionic gonadotropin can indicate a chromosome abnormality.
  • PAPP-A. This test looks for abnormal levels of a protein that is produced by the placenta. A high number can indicate a chromosome abnormality.
  • AFP. An alpha-fetoprotein screening test can identify Down Syndrome, spina bifida, or other defects in the fetus.
  • Other tests. Some other tests that are commonly performed during pregnancy can include amniocentesis, CVS, and checking estriol and inhibin.

When an OB/GYN fails to order these and other tests, he or she can be held liable. Proving negligence, however, is not always clear cut. The victim of the failed or improper testing must show that the physician failed to provide an adequate standard of care. This involves analyzes factors such as whether all necessary tests were ordered, interpreted correctly, and/or resulted in a correct diagnosis; and whether the results were clearly communicated to the patient and follow-up tests ordered to provide an adequate level of medical treatment.

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If you or someone you know has suffered an injury due to a South Carolina medical provider’s negligent actions, it is important to consult with an experienced Greenville, SC birth injury lawyer to discuss your rights and remedies. Bobby Jones Law has a proven track record of helping victims of obstetrical malpractice and their loved ones to recover the compensation that they deserve. We proudly serve clients throughout South Carolina from our office conveniently located in Greenville. Please contact us for a FREE consultation.

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