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Greenville dog bite lawyer Robert “Bobby” Jones of Bobby Jones Law can help you get compensated for a dog bite. Talk about your case, get answers, and get legal representation today. Call our offices or message us now.

Greenville Dog Bite Attorney

Bobby Jones is a Greenville dog bite attorney representing injured victims and families. If you have been bitten by a dog, you may receive financial compensation. Our injury lawyer represents victims in the claims process. He takes care of the steps needed to receive a payment and advocates for the interests of his clients.

Don’t settle for less than you deserve. Work with the law firm that has recovered more than $60 million for our clients. Contact us to learn more about your case and start today.

Get Legal Help for a Dog Bite

You may have important questions after a dog attack:

  • Who will pay my medical bills and other expenses?
  • Is someone legally responsible for what happened?
  • How can I get compensated for a dog bite? Can insurance policies help?
  • What is my claim worth?
  • How do I bring a claim?

When you have Greenville dog bite attorney Bobby Jones representing you, you have an experienced professional taking care of all these things. We’re proud to represent the Greenville, SC community. With a trained professional on your side, you can focus on your recovery, having an experienced legal team pursuing your compensation.

Serving Greenville, SC

We represent dog bite victims in Greenville, SC, and across the State of South Carolina. Attorney Bobby Jones is admitted in all South Carolina state and federal courts. He is a member of the Greenville County Bar Association. Contact us now for a free case review.

Compensation for a Dog Bite

Many dog bite claims are settled through homeowners insurance policies. In fact, the Insurance Information Institute reports that homeowners insurance policies paid more than $1.1 billion in liability compensation in 2022.

If you have been bitten by a dog, you may receive compensation. To receive payment, you must bring a claim. A dog bite lawyer can represent you.

Often, a family member or friend owns the dog. Even if that’s true, you may receive compensation through their insurance policy.

We invite you to talk to Greenville dog bite lawyer Bobby Jones about your situation. We’ll answer your questions about how the claims process works and sources of compensation.

Representing Adults and Children Bitten By Dogs

Dog bites injure adults and children. In fact, children suffer the highest injury rates for dog bites, with 42% of dog bites injuring children under 14 years of age. The truth is that anyone can suffer serious injuries. Children and the elderly may be especially vulnerable.

Anyone – even a child – can seek financial compensation for a dog bite. If you are the parent of a child who has been harmed, we invite you to contact our law firm for a consultation. Injuries may be life changing. The compensation your child receives should reflect immediate expenses like medical and personal care. It should also reflect physical pain and suffering, emotional anguish, and future needs.

Greenville dog bite lawyer Bobby Jones will work diligently on behalf of your child and for all clients. We understand how important your claim is and the financial relief that you receive. We fully represent your interests and rights.

Dog Bite Statistics

  • 4.5 million people get bitten by dogs each year in the United States.
  • 20% of dog bites require medical attention.
  • 1,000 people each day visit an emergency room in the United States because of a dog bite.
  • Victims filed 17,597 dog bite insurance claims in 2022.
  • 27,000 people had reconstructive surgery because of a dog bite in 2018.
  • 4.5% of dog bite victims are delivery workers, including mail, package, and food delivery service.
  • 50% of dog bite victims are the neighbors of the owner.
  • 75% of dog bites occur on the owner’s property.
  • Dog bites cost over $1 billion in economic losses each year.
  • Among children dog bites are more common among boys than girls. Among adults, injury rates are approximately the same across genders.

The top dog breeds involved in fatal attacks and accidents in the United States are:

  1. Pitbull
  2. Rottweiler
  3. Mixed breed
  4. German shepherd
  5. Mastiff, bullmastiff
  6. American Bulldog
  7. Husky
  8. Other breeds combined

South Carolina Dog Bite Compensation Laws

South Carolina law is simple – if a person is attacked by a dog in a public or private place, and the person did not trespass or provoke the dog, the owner is liable for damages. The law is South Carolina Code § 47-3-110.

To receive compensation for a dog bite, you must prove:

  • Who is the owner or person in control of the dog?
  • That you were the victim of a dog bite.
  • Your damages are the result of the bite.

Even if the dog bite occurs on the owner’s property, the owner or person keeping the dog is liable for damages if the victim was lawfully present. The law holds owners strictly liable.

In addition to the dog’s owner or keeper, a landlord who knows about dogs running loose on property may be liable for negligence.

Are there exceptions to the South Carolina dog bite law?

Exceptions to the South Carolina strict liability dog bite law are when the dog is provoked or harassed and when the dog is a law enforcement dog who attacks in compliance with law enforcement use of force.

Does South Carolina have a one-bite rule for dog bites?

No. In South Carolina, a dog owner is legally liable the first time their dog bites, even if the dog has no vicious history. There is no one-bite rule to shield dog bite owners. Victims may claim compensation.

Greenville, SC county leash laws

Greenville County, South Carolina ordinances § 4-18 forbids an animal owner to:

  • Allow their dog to run at large, except for on property that they own, rent, or control.
  • Harbor a dangerous animal unless it is licensed, protected, and appropriately enclosed.
  • Engage in animal fighting or baiting.
  • Train animals to be aggressive.

The ordinance forbids other acts, with a goal of promoting the health and safety of animals and the public.

Greenville County procedures for dog attacks are outlined in Greenville County ordinance § 4-16. Anyone witnessing a dog attack should notify the county health department. Seizure provisions apply if severe injury or death occurs. There are exceptions for provoking a dog, victims committing a crime, or trespass at the time of injury and law enforcement animals.

City of Greenville, SC leash laws

A dog owner or keeper may not allow a dog to run at large beyond their own land. The law prohibits willful and negligent acts that result in animals running at large. (City of Greenville, SC ordinances § 4-14, Running at large).

Dog Bite Injuries

Common dog bite injuries include:

  • Broken bones, fractures
  • Dislocation
  • Amputation, crushing injury
  • Soft tissue damage
  • Lacerations, contusion, abrasion, hematoma
  • Puncture wounds
  • Nerve damage, paralysis
  • Death

Injuries are most common to the arm, hand, leg, foot, head, and neck.

Dog bite injury complications

Even with timely medical attention, dog bite complications can arise.

Infection is a concern for dog bite injuries. The Centers for Disease Control reports that approximately 20% of dog bites become infected. Those with compromised immune systems are especially at risk. An injury should be irrigated and debrided. Sterile wound covering is appropriate, but it is not always the best practice to close a wound because of infection risk.

Children with injuries to the face or neck may need immobilization to prevent future injury. Embedded teeth should be identified and removed along with other foreign objects.

Antibiotics may be appropriate. The risk of rabies and tetanus should be evaluated. A limb that is likely to swell should be raised and immobilized. A victim should follow care instructions.

A dog bite claim may include immediate damages and complications. Our legal team understands what compensation may be claimed. We explore all payable damages to ensure that you are compensated for the injury and the losses and suffering that you endure.

Legal Representation for Dog Bite Victims

At Bobby Jones Law, we resolve cases through trials, settlements in formal litigation, and insurance claims. We aren’t afraid to take a case to trial. It’s our goal to build a strong case to put you in a position to resolve the case in the right way for you. If you want to take your case to trial, or even if you don’t, we’ll offer guidance and fully represent your interests. Ultimately, Bobby Jones is a trial lawyer and is prepared to pursue your case in full.

Free consultation

It can be hard to know where to begin when a dog bite occurs. We invite you to have a free consultation with a Greenville dog bite lawyer at Bobby Jones Law. See if legal representation is right for you and how we can help. Ask questions and get advice from a lawyer that is personalized to your situation. There is no obligation.

Talk to a Dog Bite Attorney. Start Your Case Today.

Bobby Jones Law focuses on representing individuals who have been hurt through no fault of their own.

If you have been the victim of a dog bite or if a family member has been harmed, we invite you to talk to a lawyer. We can begin representing you today.

Get legal help from a Greenville dog bite lawyer at Bobby Jones Law to seek compensation. Call our firm or message us online to begin.

Dog Bite Lawsuit FAQs

What is the average dog bite claim amount?

In 2022, the average dog bite claim was $64,555. Each victim may claim an amount that is unique to their damages and the law that applies to their claim.

How much compensation do you get for a dog bite?

Compensation for a dog bite is proportional to your losses. In addition to medical bills, lost income, and other losses, you can claim for disfigurement, physical pain, mental injury, and anguish. Ask lawyer Bobby Jones for a personalized evaluation of the value of your claim.

What breeds of dog are covered by the South Carolina dog bite law?

S.C. Code § 47-3-10(3) says that all members of the canine family are covered by the state dog bite law.

What dog breed has the highest bite rate?

Pit bulls are responsible for more dog-bite deaths in the United States than any other breed, causing 346 deaths in a 15-year period.

How do you get a settlement for a dog bite?

To get a settlement for a dog bite, you may make an insurance claim or file a legal case. You must prove your right to compensation. A settlement is a negotiated agreement that resolves the claim.

Are you taking new dog bite cases?

Bobby Jones Law is currently accepting new cases representing dog bite victims in Greenville, SC, and the surrounding areas.

How do I hire Bobby Jones as my dog bite lawyer?

To hire Bobby Jones, call or message our law firm. Tell us that you need help after a dog bite. We’ll talk about your situation and answer your questions. We’ll sign a written agreement and start working on your case.

The team at Bobby Jones Law LLC works tirelessly for the injured in South Carolina. His achievements include:
  • More than $60 million collected for our clients
  • Multiple recoveries exceeding $1 million, including an eight-figure settlement
  • Recognized by Best Lawyers in America
  • Named among the “Best Law Firms” by U.S. News & World Report
  • Named to the Top 100 Trial Lawyers by The National Trial Lawyers
  • Named to Super Lawyers 2017–2024
  • Member of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum
  • Selected as Legal Elite of the Upstate 2021–2023
  • Named among Super Lawyers "Rising Stars"
We’re humbled to be considered one of the top firms in the Upstate and invite you to learn what sets our award-winning legal services apart. Call or request a consultation online.
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