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Failing to provide property security may be grounds for legal liability. If you’re a victim, you may claim compensation. 

When you need a negligent security lawyer in Greenville, South Carolina, contact Bobby Jones Law. We can represent you to receive a monetary award for the losses you have endured if you are a victim.

What is negligent security?

Negligent security is when a property is unsafe, and someone gets hurt as a result.

Harm may include:

  • Assault
  • Battery
  • Robbery
  • Theft
  • Accidents because of large crowds
  • Murder/Homicide
  • Sexual assault

Property owners have a duty to ensure that their property is safe. They must take reasonable measures to ensure that people on the property are safe from assault, robbery, and other attacks. Accidents may be the result of negligent security, too. When reasonable security measures could have prevented harm, the property owner may be liable as well as the offender. 

Negligent Security Lawyer in Greenville, SC

If you are looking for a negligent security lawyer in Greenville, SC, we invite you to contact Bobby Jones Law. Our law firm represents only victims. We are experienced in personal injury claims, having collected more than $40 million in compensation for our clients.

Our legal team knows how important it is to go further in our representation. It’s important to thoroughly examine the underlying causes and work step-by-step to prove the claim. Attorney Bobby Jones is an experienced courtroom lawyer, and our representation includes every step in the process. Contact us today to learn how our team can represent you in claiming compensation.

Who may be liable for negligent security?

Some of the parties that may be liable for negligent security include:

  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Parking structures
  • Nightclubs
  • Building owners, apartment complexes
  • Concert and sports venues
  • Casinos
  • Malls and shopping centers
  • Gas stations, convenience stores
  • Amusement parks

Companies and organizations that invite people on their property have a duty to keep the property safe. Records of similar incidents may be strong evidence that the owners failed to have sufficient security measures in place.

Why bring a negligent security claim?

When you first think about it, you may wonder why you don’t just bring a claim against the offender themselves. There are two reasons that a negligent security claim may be advantageous. First, a legal claim may hold the property owner accountable for their role in what happened. Second, they likely have insurance policies or other resources that can fairly compensate you for your losses.

If negligent security occurs, and you’re hurt in a way that was preventable. The property owner could have taken steps to prevent the harm and didn’t. They should bear the financial losses of what has occurred, not the innocent victim.

What are some examples of negligent security?

If you’re exploring a negligent security claim, you may wonder, what could the property owner have done to prevent what happened? Some examples of negligent security include:

  • Poor lighting
  • Not enough security guards
  • Allowing too many people on the property at once
  • Directing crowds to be too close together
  • Having too many exit or entrance points without monitoring
  • Failing to secure doors and windows
  • Not taking action to remove individuals who are behaving suspiciously
  • Not doing background checks for employees; not acting on background checks
  • Training deficiencies for employees

When you work with our negligent security lawyer at Bobby Jones Law, we investigate what happened. Our team knows what to look for to identify underlying causes and how negligent security may have contributed to what occurred.

How do you prove negligent security?

Proving negligent security requires proving several different things occurred. You must prove:

  • Duty: The property owner has a duty of care for the person who was hurt. Most of the places you go – restaurants, convenience stores, entertainment venues – have a duty of care to their patrons.
  • Breach of duty: Showing a breach of duty means showing how the property owner didn’t take reasonable steps to prevent harm. It’s time to show the facts. To show a breach of duty, you must identify what the property owner failed to do and how their actions were not reasonable.
  • Harm occurred: Once you show how the property owner could have had better security, you show how it resulted in harm. You must show that you were the victim of a crime or an accident. Plus, you must show how the lack of reasonable security caused what happened.
  • Damages: After showing the owner’s liability, you identify what damages you have. Damages are financial losses and intangible losses that you suffer because of what occurred.

Proving each element of the case is important. Bobby Jones carefully builds the evidence to show the property owner’s legal liability and the compensation that you deserve.

What can I receive in compensation for negligent security?

The purpose of compensation for negligent security is to make you whole for the harm you suffered. The property owner who allowed the danger to exist on their property should bear the financial burden of what happened. Examples of the compensation you can receive are:

  • Medical bills
  • Damaged property
  • Stolen property
  • Physical therapy
  • Prescription costs
  • Mental health care
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional anguish

Compensation for negligent security covers a range of economic and non-economic damages. We work thoroughly to ensure your claim includes all the types of damages that are available under the law.

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Bobby Jones Law is a full-service law firm in Greenville, SC. We represent clients throughout South Carolina, exclusively handling claims on behalf of individuals. You may deserve a monetary payment for your losses – but you must take action to get it. Our team can represent you to bring your claim efficiently and maximize your compensation. Consultations are free.

Your time to bring a legal claim for negligent security is limited. Don’t wait to receive the compensation you deserve and hold others accountable for what happened. 

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