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Robert “Bobby” Jones is a distracted driving accident lawyer serving Greenville and all of South Carolina. Bobby Jones Law represents people hurt by distracted drivers. Find out if you may deserve compensation. Get help from an experienced attorney and start your case today.

Distracted Driving Accident Attorney in Greenville, SC

Distracted driving dramatically increases the risk of an accident. When a distracted driving accident causes harm, there may be significant financial compensation to recover.

If you’re a victim, it can be hard to know what you deserve or where to even begin. With Bobby Jones Law as your representation in a claim, you have an experienced trial attorney who takes care of everything.

From investigating, building your case against a distracted driver, taking legal steps, and negotiating on your behalf, Bobby Jones Law is a full-service distracted driving car accident lawyer able to work for you. Contact us today to learn more and begin your case.

Legal Representation for a Distracted Driving Accident

  • You may not know what happened or even know that a crash involved distracted driving. A lawyer can investigate on your behalf.
  • Compensation may include economic damages, like medical bills, and non-economic damages, like pain and suffering. Don’t settle for less than you deserve.
  • You must prove your case and the amount of compensation.
  • Claims can be resolved through an insurance settlement and through legal action.

Getting fair compensation for a distracted driving car accident takes skilled and diligent effort. With legal representation from Bobby Jones Law, you have a trial lawyer with a thorough knowledge of South Carolina law. We are attentive to your needs and caring throughout the process.

Talk to a distracted driving accident lawyer today. Call or message us now.

Compensation for a Distracted Driving Accident

If you suspect distracted driving played a role in your collision with another driver, can you sue? In South Carolina, car accident compensation is based on fault for causing the accident. Fault is anything negligent that results in an accident, and negligence is anything that is unreasonably dangerous — like distracted driving.

It’s not necessarily dependent on who receives a ticket for the accident, but the offender may be cited for distracted driving. If a driver’s inattention is the cause of an accident, it may be grounds for an injured victim to receive compensation.

South Carolina Distracted Driving Law

S.C. Code § 56-5-3890 bans using a phone, computer, or other device to text while driving a motor vehicle on a public street in South Carolina.

This includes:

  • Composing
  • Sending
  • Reading

Any text-based communication. The prohibition does not include hands-free devices.

There are exceptions for when a vehicle is parked, calling emergency services, GPS navigation, and public safety officials in their official duties.

In addition, South Carolina lawmakers introduced a bill requiring hands-free driving. The bill would make it unlawful to hold a mobile electronic device, text, or watch a video on a mobile device while driving.

South Carolina Distracted Driving Statistics

According to the most recent data available in South Carolina, in 2021:

  • 2,679 people were injured in distracted driving accidents.
  • 6 fatalities occurred because of distracted driving or inattention to driving.
  • Distracted driving was a primary cause in 5.2% of traffic crashes.
  • One in every 167 traffic fatalities in South Carolina was because of distracted driving.

The Centers for Disease Control reports that distracted driving claims 3,000 lives each year in the United States.

Sources: SCDPS, Traffic Collision Fact Book, 2001; CDC, Distracted Driving.

Types of distracted driving

Examples of distracted driving include:

  • Texting
  • Watching a video
  • Dialing a phone number
  • Responding to notifications
  • Personal grooming
  • Reaching for something on the ground
  • Tending to others in the vehicle
  • Letting your mind or attention wander
  • Eating or drinking

Distracted driving may be:

  • Mental: Taking the mind off the task of driving
  • Physical: Hands off the wheel, body turned or reaching
  • Visual: Looking at something other than driving

Proving distracted driving

You may wonder how we prove distracted driving. After all, you must prove your case, and the defendant isn’t going to admit that they did anything wrong. Here are ways that we may prove distracted driving:

  • Traffic errors with no other explanation, like running a red light or failing to stop
  • Witnesses, including others in the defendant’s vehicle
  • Admissions made to a law enforcement officer
  • Data events recorded by a vehicle
  • Video surveillance or dash cam footage
  • Discovery methods to review cell phone data and other electronic information
  • Skilled questioning of the defendant at a deposition and at trial
  • Accident reconstruction to detail the speeds, directions, and forces of the accident

We will investigate the circumstances of the crash, how to prove fault, and sources of compensation.

A Skilled Greenville Distracted Driving Accident Attorney

Bobby Jones Law is proud to advocate for victims of distracted driving accidents in the Greenville, SC, community. He handles claims in the entire region, determining the appropriate court to file your case.

Since entering private practice, Bobby Jones has secured millions in compensation for his clients. He has achieved single-million-dollar and multi-million-dollar recoveries for his clients.

This success is the result of the dedication that he brings to each case and compassion for his clients.

To see how our Greenville distracted driving accident attorney may assist you, contact Bobby Jones Law to request your consultation.

Recognized by Best Lawyers, rated by Super Lawyers

When you choose Bobby Jones Law, you’re choosing a Greenville distracted driving accident lawyer who has been recognized by Best Lawyers for excellence in the legal profession. Super Lawyers has awarded him for being a top 5% attorney in South Carolina each year from 2017 to 2024. In addition, honored him among the Best Personal Injury Lawyers in Greenville. Bobby Jones Law has been named among the Best Law Firms by U.S. News & World Report. Bobby is a member of the South Carolina Association for Justice.

We resolve cases through trials and settlements. By understanding your story, we provide the personalized attention and care that meets your needs. Bobby Jones gives his all to each client he serves. He has the skill and resources to take on even the most complicated cases and succeed.

Talk to a Greenville Distracted Driving Accident Lawyer

Bobby Jones is currently taking new cases. Call or message us now, to begin with a free consultation with our distracted driving accident attorney.

You have a limited amount of time to pursue compensation, so don’t wait. Contact us now.

The team at Bobby Jones Law LLC works tirelessly for the injured in South Carolina. His achievements include:
  • More than $60 million collected for our clients
  • Multiple recoveries exceeding $1 million, including an eight-figure settlement
  • Recognized by Best Lawyers in America
  • Named among the “Best Law Firms” by U.S. News & World Report
  • Named to the Top 100 Trial Lawyers by The National Trial Lawyers
  • Named to Super Lawyers 2017–2024
  • Member of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum
  • Selected as Legal Elite of the Upstate 2021–2023
We’re humbled to be considered one of the top firms in the Upstate and invite you to learn what sets our award-winning legal services apart. Call or request a consultation online.
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