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Talk to a Greenville construction accident lawyer about your workplace injury. Get help getting the benefits that you deserve. Contact Bobby Jones Law today.

Lawyer for Construction Accidents in Greenville

A construction accident can leave you seriously injured. You never expected to have an injury at work. When an injury occurs, you may deserve the following:

  • Paid medical care
  • Lost income replacement
  • Disability benefits

It can be hard to know if you’re getting the benefits you deserve, and what to do if your benefits are unfairly denied. A worker’s compensation lawyer in Greenville can help.

Causes of Construction Accidents

  • Not following OSHA requirements, other safety violations
  • Lack of fall protection when working on heights and structures, scaffolding accidents
  • Poor communication
  • Stuck under and in-between machinery
  • Mechanical failures, inadequate maintenance
  • Pressure to complete the work by deadlines
  • Inadequate training, poor hiring practices, poor supervision
  • Working while tired or fatigued
  • Slip and falls from tripping hazards, falling equipment
  • Chemical spills, explosions
  • Failure to provide personal protective equipment
  • Working without machinery guards, continuing to work despite warning signs

You don’t have to prove that the employer is at fault for the accident. The purpose of the workers’ compensation system is to provide benefits to workers even if the employer did nothing wrong.

Legal Representation for Construction Accident Victims

Bobby Jones Law provides legal representation for construction accident victims. Our representation includes the following:

  • Making sure you have reported the injury correctly
  • Filing a claim to protect your right to compensation (Form 50 or Form 52)
  • Determining your average weekly wages and the payments you should receive
  • Fighting for your medical benefits if they are unfairly denied
  • Ensuring that you receive care from authorized providers, requesting a hearing if you are not happy with the provided doctor
  • Knowing when wage benefits begin and responding if they are not appropriately paid
  • Fighting the decision if your employer incorrectly claims you are ready to return to work when you are not
  • Understanding what you should receive for permanent disability and working to claim the maximum amount possible
  • Negotiating your case, taking your case to a hearing if necessary
  • Pursuing appeals and knowing the procedural steps to take

Our legal team knows how the workers’ compensation operates in South Carolina and how to determine your rights. Once we evaluate your case, we protect your rights and advance your claim. This puts you on an equal footing with the insurance company as they try to minimize your benefits.

Contact us now to discuss the issues in your case. See how we can help and what to do next to protect your rights.

Construction workers and supervisors can claim compensation

Both workers and supervisors may access benefits in the workers’ compensation system. Lost income benefits are determined according to your wage before the injury. However, in general, there is no distinction drawn in different ranks or positions when it comes to determining your rights in South Carolina workers’ compensation. We represent people in all positions who deserve benefits for a work-related injury.

Third party liability for a construction accidents

Construction projects often involve third parties. You may be working with a contractor, subcontractor and other companies. Road construction may involve motor vehicles driving through. If an accident is the result of negligence by someone other than an employer, a third-party claim may be appropriate. This is a possibility that should be explored for a construction accident claim.

Get Help From an Experienced Construction Accident Lawyer Now

Bobby Jones Law is a Greenville, South Carolina, law firm that focuses on the needs of individuals and families. We pride ourselves on paying attention to detail to get results in each case. When you need a lawyer to take on even the most complicated case and succeed, call Bobby Jones law. Get a free case evaluation and start your case today.

Since opening his law firm, Robert “Bobby” Jones has obtained more than $40 million dollars in compensation for his clients. While he can’t guarantee the outcome in your case, he’ll put that same diligence to work advancing your interests.

Construction Accident FAQs

What should I do after a construction accident at work?

If you’re hurt in a construction accident at work, seek emergency medical attention right away. It’s okay if you don’t have time to find an authorized care provider. Next, tell your employer about your injury as soon as possible.

How do I report my injury to my employer?

To report your work injury, tell your immediate supervisor or another representative of the company, like human resources. While you don’t have to make the report in writing, it’s best to report it in writing (email counts) so that the employer can’t claim later than you never told them. You should also make the report orally.

How long do you have to report a construction accident injury?

It’s always best to notify your employer as soon as possible, but make sure you report your injury within 90 days. A delayed report could jeopardize your right to benefits. It also opens the door for the employer to question whether your injury is work related.

Can I choose my own doctor for medical treatment?

Unfortunately, after initial medical treatment, you must use an authorized care provider. That is a care provider chosen by the employer. If you don’t like your doctor, or if they are downplaying your injuries or treatment needs, a lawyer can help you pursue the benefits you deserve.

How do I preserve my right to benefits?

Seek emergency medical attention and report your injury right away. Continue to receive medical care, following the recommendations of care providers. If the insurance company does something unfair, like deny your injuries, insist that you return to work, or do something else to make things difficult, contact a lawyer right away. There is a time limit to file to preserve your right to benefits, so don’t wait to contact us.

Free Consultation with a Greenville Construction Accident Lawyer

You can talk to a Greenville construction accident lawyer now. Get in touch with us for your free consultation. Our law firm is proud to help people like you. See how we may assist in your case and start today.

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