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Bobby Jones Law is a medication errors lawyer in Greenville, SC. Our law firm can represent you in a claim for financial compensation. Call or message us to start your case.

Attorney for Medication Errors in Greenville, SC

Robert “Bobby” Jones is a lawyer for medication errors serving Greenville, SC. If a healthcare provider is responsible for a medication mistake, you may receive monetary compensation. Attorney Bobby Jones can assist you in the steps needed to achieve a positive result in your case.

To talk about your situation and get legal help now, contact our offices for your consultation.

Fault for Medication Errors

Parties that may be responsible for medication errors include:

  • Doctors
  • Nurses and assistants
  • Pharmacies
  • Hospitals
  • Nursing homes, care homes
  • Clinics

Our representation includes an investigation into parties that may be responsible and sources of compensation.

Representing Victims and Families in Greenville, SC

When a medication error impacts you or a loved one, it can be devastating. Bobby Jones Law is proud to represent the Greenville, SC, community. We believe that outstanding legal services for victims are a benefit to those affected and the entire community.

Cases We Handle

Wrong medication

If medication is given to the wrong patient, it may cause unintended harm.

Wrong dose

Too much or too little of a drug may cause unintended effects. These problems can be catastrophic.

Wrong schedule

To be effective, drugs must be delivered on schedule.

Failing to verify patient identity

A patient’s identity must be verified before medication is dispensed.

Reliance on wrong patient data

Care providers must ensure that they are looking at correct patient information.

Transcribing error or misreading an order

When an order is delivered over the phone or handwritten, mistakes can occur.

Data entry mistakes

Human error in data entry can result in medication errors.

Failing to follow instructions

Drugs must be administered according to instructions.

Relying on verbal response to a name

When patients have similar sounding names, relying on the patient answering to their own name may be insufficient.

Mixing up patient medications

If a care provider has multiple medications in their control, they may select the wrong drug.

Incorrect packaging or labeling

Packaging inaccuracies may have severe consequences.

Documentation errors

Administration of drugs must be documented accurately to prevent mistakes.

Compassionate Representation. An Experienced Team.

At Bobby Jones Law, we specialize in helping victims and families. We have seen the personal cost of medical mistakes, including medication errors. Victims need a voice in the legal system. Our law firm focuses on helping individuals when errors and oversights result in harm.

We have collected millions in compensation for our clients. Through exacting and dedicated legal representation, we undertake the many tasks needed for justice. With compassionate legal services, we diligently and relentlessly pursue your case.

For your case review and to begin today, contact us.

Understanding Medication Errors

The National Coordinating Council for Medication Error Reporting and Prevention defines medication error as a preventable event that may result in the wrong medication being given to a patient.

A medication error may occur when medication is in the control of a healthcare professional or a consumer.

What is the basis for a medication error lawsuit?

The basis for a medication error lawsuit is that the medication error was preventable. Even if the mistake was unintentional, you may still have a case. The basis for the claim is that the mistake fell below professional standards or that negligence occurred. In your case, you prove that you have injuries and damages because of the error.

Our law firm can determine what your claim may be worth. We can investigate and build your claim.

Legal Help for Medication Error Victims

With more than 6,800 prescription medications in the United States and even more available over the counter, getting the right medication is important. According to Tariq, Medication Dispensing Errors and Prevention, more than 7,000 people die each year because of medication mix-ups.

At Bobby Jones Law, we provide legal representation in claims for monetary payment because of medication errors. We handle all aspects of a claim on your behalf.

The Case Process


We investigate what happened. We demand answers from those responsible. Our team works with experts to prepare complex and technical medical information.

Filing Your Case

Lawyer Bobby Jones knows the legal process. He files your case and advances your claim.

Pursuing Your Compensation

Our team pursues your case inside and outside of the courtroom. We are litigators, and we can take your case to trial or negotiate a settlement on your behalf.

Talk to an Attorney Today

You can have legal representation from a medication error attorney in Greenville, SC, at Bobby Jones Law. For a free consultation and immediate assistance, contact us. We look forward to representing you.

Medication Error Lawsuit FAQs

Is medication error a malpractice?

Medication error is often medical malpractice because the prevailing medical standard is that medication should be dispensed correctly. While each case is evaluated individually, we work with experts to identify the prevailing standard of care and whether malpractice occurred.

Is giving the wrong medication to a patient negligence?

Giving the wrong medication to a patient is strong proof of negligence. If you are harmed as a result, you may qualify to receive compensation.

Who should you report medication errors to?

You should report a medication error to the medical facility where it occurred. In addition, providers and patients may make a report to the FDA Adverse Event Reporting System (FAERS).

What are the legal implications of medication errors?

A medication error may result in:

  • Criminal charges
  • Civil liability for the person or organization responsible
  • Discipline of professional license, loss of license
  • Investigation and regulatory corrective action for the healthcare organization

Can I get a settlement for a medication error?

Most claims don’t go to trial, but you have the right to a trial. Lawyer Bobby Jones can negotiate a settlement on your behalf and advise you throughout your case.

The team at Bobby Jones Law LLC works tirelessly for the injured in South Carolina. His achievements include:
  • More than $60 million collected for our clients
  • Multiple recoveries exceeding $1 million, including an eight-figure settlement
  • Recognized by Best Lawyers in America
  • Named among the “Best Law Firms” by U.S. News & World Report
  • Named to the Top 100 Trial Lawyers by The National Trial Lawyers
  • Named to Super Lawyers 2017–2024
  • Member of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum
  • Selected as Legal Elite of the Upstate 2021–2023
  • Named among Super Lawyers "Rising Stars"
We’re humbled to be considered one of the top firms in the Upstate and invite you to learn what sets our award-winning legal services apart. Call or request a consultation online.
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