How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Truck Accident Lawyer?

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Being a truck accident victim can be devastating, personally and financially. Your medical bills may already be piling up. At the same time, you may have lost your income. Truck accident victims often suffer serious injuries, facing a long road to recovery.

With all this financial uncertainty, you may wonder about legal representation: how much does a truck accident lawyer cost? You may know that you need a lawyer but think that it’s out of reach.

We’re here to tell you that you can afford it. In fact, you can have a lawyer on your case today with none of the money coming out of your own pocket.

Bobby Jones Law explains 18-wheeler accident lawyer costs and how truck accident victims can always afford to hire our injury law firm.

The problem for truck accident victims – lawyers who charge by the hour

You may have heard that lawyers charge by the hour. Sometimes, that’s true.

Lawyers who charge by the hour in South Carolina may charge $400 for each hour (or more) for the time that they spend working on the case. They might even charge you a retainer fee of several thousand dollars to just get started. That won’t work for most truck accident victims.

Fortunately, there’s another way for truck accident victims to get legal services. At Bobby Jones Law, there are no upfront costs and no money out of your pocket — ever. You’ll never have to write us a check or pay a bill.

Hiring a Truck Accident Lawyer with Contingency Fees

At Bobby Jones Law, we use contingency fees for truck accident cases. That means we’re paid only when we collect compensation for you. Plus, we’re paid based on the amount that we achieve for you in recovery.

It costs you nothing out of pocket, and you can always afford it.

Here’s how contingency fees work in a truck accident case.

How Do Contingency Fees Work in a Truck Accident Case?

  • Contingency fees depend on the outcome of your case. If you don’t receive compensation, your lawyer doesn’t receive a fee for their services. It’s that simple.
  • The amount that the lawyer receives depends on what they achieve for you in compensation. The more the lawyer wins on your behalf, the more you get, and the more they get too, since they receive a percentage of the total award.
  • With no hourly billing, your lawyer fees won’t increase if the litigation becomes more complicated.
  • You can settle your case at the right time for you. Lawyer Bobby Jones is highly capable of litigating cases through trial. He’ll pursue your case as long as necessary to get justice, and you don’t have to worry about what that means for your bill.
  • You can as much time as you like talking to your lawyer. You won’t see a bill charging you by tenths-of-a-minute for a phone call.
  • Our contingency fees are always in writing. You can read the exact terms and conditions in your representation agreement.
  • When your case is complete, we calculate your recovery and our fee based on our agreement and your case results. You collect your compensation.
  • You don’t have to pay up front to start your case and hire Bobby Jones as your lawyer. Instead, you sign our contingency agreement. Then, we start your case right away.

How do contingency fees for a truck accident work?

If a victim is injured in a truck accident, the insurer for the trucking company may make an initial offer.

The offer is too low, and the victim rejects it. They then hire a truck accident lawyer on a contingency fee basis. The lawyer brings a legal claim against the trucking company.

The lawyer pursues the case, proving fault and the right to compensation. They conduct depositions and appear in preliminary court hearings. With the lawyer’s representation, the offer increases. The victim accepts the offer.

The lawyer’s contingency fee is 1/3 of the total recovery, or 33.33%. So, if the accepted offer was $300,000, the lawyer gets $100,000 for their representation, and the victim receives $200,000 in compensation. The victim collects the settlement, and the case ends.

Deducting for litigation expenses

When you use contingency fees, one thing to be aware of is litigation expenses. There are costs associated with pursuing a truck accident case, such as court filing fees, costs for expert witnesses, investigation expenses, copying, filing and postage, and records gathering fees.

These costs are deducted from your recovery. Your attorney may deduct the expenses before or after they subtract their contingency fee. Ask your attorney how they handle litigation costs in a contingency fee arrangement.

Contingency fees for a truck accident case may vary

Contingency fees vary. A lawyer may use a different percentage from case to case, depending on how complex they expect the matter to be.

If the fault for a truck accident is clear, and the case should be fairly simple, the lawyer may suggest a different contingency fee than if the lawyer expects the case to be detailed and complex.

What is an Average Contingency Fee for a Truck Accident Case?

An average contingency fee for a truck accident case is 33.33–40%. A lawyer may charge a reasonable fee based on the time and labor required, the complexity of the issues presented in the case, the lawyer’s experience and reputation, and other factors.

In South Carolina, contingency fees are allowed for truck accident claims.

Call Bobby Jones Law to Speak to a Truck Accident Lawyer for Free

If you’re concerned about whether you can afford a truck accident lawyer, you have an ally at Bobby Jones Law. Our firm is all about serious cases and serious results. That’s why we’re committed to truck accident victims getting the legal representation that they deserve at no cost to them.

We make it affordable and transparent to hire Bobby Jones Law as your truck accident lawyer. Call or message us now.

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