Medical Malpractice Negligence Elements: Here Is What to Lookout For

We seek medical care to help us recover our health and well-being after injury and illness. When we’re further harmed in the process, it can be an especially difficult situation. If a doctor’s negligence leaves you injured, understanding the elements of medical malpractice may help. However, the most important step you can take to protect yourself in this situation is consulting with an experienced South Carolina medical malpractice attorney early in the process.

The Elements of Medical Malpractice

To bring a successful medical malpractice case, the following elements must be present:

  • The first necessary element is that you must have had a doctor/patient relationship to begin with, which means that you hired the person to be your doctor regarding the specific situation, and he or she agreed.
  • The doctor was negligent in some way, which means that he or she either did something that other doctors in similar situations wouldn’t have done or failed to do something that other doctors in similar situations would have done.
  • The doctor’s negligence was the direct cause of your injuries.
  • Your injuries caused you to suffer specific legal damages.

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Medical Malpractice FAQ

What damages can I seek?

Generally, the damages you seek can include your medical expenses, your lost earnings, and your pain and suffering.

What is the statute of limitations?

In South Carolina, you typically have three years from the date that your doctor’s negligence causes you to be injured to file your claim.

What are punitive damages?

If you can prove with convincing evidence that the doctor in question was either reckless or willful in his or her actions, you may be able to obtain damages that are intended to punish him or her.

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